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02/21/2024: woahh 2.0!! been doing a rehaul of my previous code not only to make it cleaner and easier to access but to make it all around nicer. currently on the home page but will expand to the rest of the website and then some. what else is new?

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i’m your webmaster FC!! i’m an illustrator and aspiring comic artist that’s a bit too passionate about video game console hacking, bad 2000s animated movies, and watching clouds. and this place is where i put all of whatever’s on my mind at the moment in a place that i won’t forget it. probably.

this whole website, while i intend to make it my main hub for my projects, is currently just a hobby project and i’m learning whatever in my spare time i can to make sure this website is as pretty and accessible as it can be. so do pardon any bumps or broken pieces of code. this site also has bright graphics, javascript, iframes, autoplaying sounds, and is all around best viewed on a computer.

otherwise, just watch your step and enjoy your stay! :-]

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