Type A: Icon

Included: A headshot featuring you character of choice. Great for profile pictures on social media. Comes in cell shading only. $15 per icon.

Type B: Character Art

Included: A piece of art focused on whatever character the client wants in front of a simple background. Can be waist up or full body. Great for pieces just focusing on a character or two. Comes in flat coloring (left) or full coloring / rendering (right.):

Halfbody Flat: $35 Halfbody Full: $50
Fullbody Flat: $45 Fullbody Full: $60

Add-ons for extra characters (+$20), more complicated backgrounds (+$25), and large props ($10, ie. weapons, pets, or anything else half the size of the character or more. small handheld props do not need an additional charge.)

Type C: Poster Art?

Included: A larger piece focusing on characters interacting with large and ambient scenes. Great for posters, comic covers, and for an all around professional feel.

These have a base price of $100, but may be as much as $250. The final price depends on overall complexity, characters, action, etc. Thumbnails and other descriptors are greatly encouraged!

Type D: Character Design

Included: A custom-designed (or redesign) character! Usually a front view with additional detail shots or text. A little rough but perfectly suitable as references for the client and their art and/or their future commissions to other artists.
Can be with just the stated above for $30
OR can be more polished with additional shots and information for an additional $25.

My Specialty! All Well n' Good! The No-no Zone
✔✔ Toony Art
✔✔ Weird Creatures
✔✔ Staturated Color Palettes

Original Characters
Most furry species (and i'm willing to do uncommon / weirder ones!)
Shipping, including self-ships
Explicit NSFW Content¹
"Proship" Content²
Hate Speech / Promoting hate against a person, group, media, etc.
Super complex designs
Other art styles

 ¹ Explicit content includes seuxal nudity, porn, fetish content, intense violence, and realistic blood and gore. Topics that are taken down a notch from these (slightly suggestive, artistic nudity, cartoon violence and gore, etc.) are fair game.

²  While a bit of a broad term, I'm using it define the glorification or romanticization of pedophilia, incest, loli / shota, and the sexual involvemnt of feral animals, corpses, and gore.

Both of these are a bit of a generalized explanation, so please feel free to ask if ___ is something I'm comfortable drawing!



Commissions, as displayed here, are for personal use only. Meaning that they cannot be used for merchandising, advertisement, AI training, NFTs, or any other way that profits off of my work without my permission. It also cannot be claimed, traced, altered, or otherwise modified.

However, I am willing to recieve commercial or long term work. In which please email me with all important information and we can discuss from there.


Copy the following form and fill it out with all the required information. Then email
I will not read your form if it is sent through any of my social medias, ie. Instagram, Tumblr, etc.